Types of Firewood


Birch Firewood

Birch is the hardest of the woods you will find in the Edmonton area.  It is great for both the fireplace and the fire pit as it burns clean and very hot so you don't have to worry about a bunch of popping during your fire and when the cool night air creeps in the burning birch will keep you plenty warm.



These woods are a step under birch as far as how hard they are and how clean they burn, although they are the perfect choice if you are simply looking for a decent burning wood for your campfire or fireplace.  These woods provide minimal pops in the pit and won't put too heavy of a pop in your pocket book.


Poplar Firewood

Poplar is the softest firewood you will find, it is ideal for the weekend camper or occasional backyard fire pit user.  Our poplar is a mix of white and black and is our least expensive firewood option.

birch firewood stony plain Pine firewood stony plain White poplar firewood stony plain
Firewood Stony Plain
Firewood Stony Plain